Young Garbo

“Their first single is monumental, they’re about to make the Welsh valleys hipster central”

·        Alan McGee

“I think that’s the finest new thing i’ve heard in a long time, and I thought that earlier this week when I listened to it on the BBC music
up-loader, I had to listen to it about four times just to get my head around the lyric. And there’s just a sense around the whole thing that I absolutely adore, made me really excited straight away.”

·        Adam Walton (BBC Radio Wales)

“before anything, we’re mates and that makes the perfect foundation for the tight and rigorous rehearsal routine we put ourselves through.”

·        Levi ‘Papa Funk’ Ball (bassist)

A strange but wonderful thing happens when you lock four friends in a sweaty barn in the middle of nowhere together for lengthy period. Let
me stop you, it’s not what you’re thinking. They make revolutionary, game changing music and get signed to indie music mogul and brit pop’s father Alan McGee’s new bespoke 7″ record label Creation23. Not bad for a few headers from uppa Valley. It’s going to
be a beautiful, bewildering bumpy ride. We suggest you join us.