Important Information

Please note that your bags will be searched as you enter the Festival for your own safety.

Please note we are a glass-free site.  This is for the safety of all our Festival goers, in particular the large number of children.


  • Gates open at 5pm on Friday 6th July & 1pm on Saturday 7th July. The festival closes at Midnight on both nights.
  • If you ordered your tickets online you must present a print out or digital version of your ticket pdf at the gate.
  • Last entry to festival 9PM or at our discretion
  • Campsite check-in from 2pm until 8pm Friday.


  • These Festival Rules, in addition to the Terms and Conditions, apply to any person who is at the Event.
  • You must wear your wrist band at all times; any lost wristbands will not be replaced. If you have an eticket, it will be swapped for a wristband at the gate.
  • The Festival opens at 5pm on Friday 6th July and 1pm on Saturday 7th July.  No Festival goers, including campers, will be admitted to the festival site before this these times.
  • Campers will receive the appropriate number of wristbands on entry, which must not be removed until departure.
    Failure to show an intact wristband on request by stewards will result in entry to the campsite being refused and may result in you being asked to leave the Event.
  • Camping is only permitted in the designated areas within the campsite.
  • If a Camper intends to camp in a campervan or caravan, he/she must have purchased a campervan/caravan ticket as well as a camping ticket.
  • Carparking is FREE of charge; parking regulations must be adhered to in accordance with stewarding at the event. Car parks open one hour before opening hours each day.
  • Crowd surfing, moshing, crowd circles and throwing objects are dangerous and can cause serious injury. This behaviour is not permitted and we reserve the right to remove offenders from the Event.
  • Please respect the local residents when travelling to and from the Event and keep noise to a minimum as you leave the site.
  • No trading without the consent of Management in the festival, carpark or camping areas.
    Anyone found doing so will be removed from the Event.
  • Management reserve the right to refuse admission to the Event. Any individual who has previously been removed from the Event should not purchase a Ticket as they will be refused entry to the Event and if found at the Event will be removed.
  • Management does not accept responsibility, to the maximum extent permitted by law, for loss of property or damage to persons or property. Campers should not leave valuables in the campsite. Campers should keep valuables on their person at all times.
  • If you require medical treatment on site, the Management and/or our treatment providers (on behalf of the Management) may keep a record of your personal details, any accident suffered and treatment provided to you.
  • Failure to follow any of the Festival Rules and/or Terms and Conditions or behaving in a manner deemed unsociable or potentially dangerous will result in you being removed from the Event without refund. Management may prosecute anyone found to be breaking the law.
  • Litter – there are many bins provided at the event, please place all litter in the bins provided.  If you are caught deliberately littering the festival, you may be removed from site.
  • No remote control vehicles, 0r drones of any kind are permitted on the festival or camp site.
  • We reserve the right to refuse entry.


  • Children under 14 must be accompanied by a guardian over 21. If a child under 16 is in your care and caught drinking alcohol, you and the child will be removed from the Event.
  • You may be asked for ID at the bars to prove you are over 18 years of age.  A Challenge 25 policy will be in operation at all bars.  If you look under 25, you may be asked for ID.  Anyone caught drinking under age or without relevant ID may be removed from the event.
  • Children must not be left in any of the festival areas alone at any time.


  • You, your vehicle and/or possessions may be searched before entering and during the Event. If illegal substances are found, you may be prosecuted.
  • Management, at its discretion, may confiscate any item that is deemed illegal or unsuitable. This includes, without limitation, illegal or intoxicating substances including but not limited to; “legal/herbal” highs, fireworks, sparklers, Chinese sky lanterns or any flame, smoke or gas devices, portable laser equipment, laser pens, air horns, spray cans or any item that can be considered a weapon. Any person in possession of such articles may be refused or removed from the Event.
  • Festival goers may not bring their own music systems to either the festival or the campsite.
  • Gas cylinders and camping stoves are not permitted in the festival area for safety reasons and can only be used on the campsite on raised platforms.
  • Campfires are strictly forbidden.
  • Weapons in any deemed form will be confiscated.
  • Camping style chairs are encouraged as there will be limited seating. Please remember to take them home with you at the end of the event!


  • Festival goers may not bring any alcohol into the Festival.
  • Baby food will be allowed into the festival, no glass jars please as we are a no glass site.
  • Campers may bring food and drink into the campsite for his/her own consumption, provided they are not in glass bottles. Food and drink will be available for purchase at the Event. Excessive amounts of food, cigarettes or alcohol may be confiscated. Glass bottles or containers (including cosmetics) are not permitted. All glass will be confiscated and not returned. As a rule, each camper may bring the equivalent of 8 cans of beer or two bottles of wine per person. No Spirits can be brought into the Camping areas.
  • It is not permitted to bring food and drink into the arena or from the campsite to the arena. Backpack-style hydration packs are not permitted in the arena. Campers are not allowed to take alcohol from the festival area to the campsite under any circumstances.
  • BardFest operates a zero-tolerance underage drinking policy. No-one under the age of 18 is permitted to bring alcohol to, or be under the influence of alcohol at, the Event. If you are unable to produce ID evidencing that you are 18 years old or over when challenged at the entrance points or within the Venue, your alcohol will be confiscated and you risk being refused entry to the Event or arrangements being made for you to leave.  A challenge 25 policy will be in operation.
  • Only persons wearing a valid Adult Wristband will be served at the bars.
  • Whilst festival pint glasses are available to be purchased for £2, this is non-refundable. Disposable pint glasses are available at the bar free of charge.


  • Tickets for this service are only available from the website in advance. There will be no tickets available on the day.
  • The timetable is below please ensure you are at your desired bus stop in good time to avoid being left behind.
  • Any antisocial behaviour on the coach will result in you being ask to get off. You will not be allowed re-admittance.
  • Please check to make sure you have not left any belongings on the bus. Neither BardFest nor the bus operator take any responsibility for any left belongings.
  • The pricing is a flat fee regardless of pick or drop off point.
  • Tickets available as return only and must be bought in conjunction with the appropriate number of festival tickets for the passengers wishing to travel.
  • Depending upon demand we may run additional services.
  • Proposed timetable is below – this will be confirmed one week prior to the event. Please check.
  • Return bus will leave BardFest immediately the event finishes and return to BSE via the points below

BUS TIMETABLE TO BARDFEST                                    Fri 6th July          Sat 7th July   

Bury St Edmunds, Angel Hill opp. The One Bull                     17:30       13:30

Bury St Edmunds, Station Forecourt, Bus Shelter                 17:35 13:35.

Bury St Edmunds, The Tollgate, Fornham Road Bus Stop    17:38         13:38

Great Barton, Bus Stop, opp. Post Office                               17:45         13:45

Thurston, Barton Road bus stop, opp Post Office                 17:48         13:48

Thurston, Rail Station Forecourt                                              17:50       13:50

Pakenham, opp. The Fox, outside Village Hall                        17:57          13:57

Stowlangtoft, Crossroads, Pakenham Road bus stop            18:00         14:00

Ixworth, High Street, opp Village Hall                                      18:07         14:07

Bardwell village, BardFest site, arrive                                      18:15          14:15


Statement from St Edmundsbury Borough Council –

All persons entering the festival site may be searched as a condition of entry. The following items are prohibited from being taken on the event site – Alcohol, glass bottles, knives or other items that may be used as a weapon and illegal substances. These will be removed by representatives. Holders will have the option of allowing the organiser or representatives to ‘store’ legal items until the end of the event using a ticket system. The event organisers and representatives do not take responsibility of the security of these items during the event and encourage holders not to bring them to the event or to take them home before being permitted to enter. Illegal items will be confiscated, not returned/stored and passed to the Police. Many thanks – St Edmundsbury Council.